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Living Without Limits - Meet Clifton

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"We have a bond like no other. He's my angel. My gift from God!" says Tammy Watts of her son Clifton.

Clifton has been a member of United Cerebral Palsy's Adult Day Program (ADP) since August of 2008 and has been attending Camp SMILE since the summer of 2010. All who know and work with Clifton describe him as a complete and utter joy. "He sees the world as one big, happy, loving place," says Tammy.

For Clifton and his family, United Cerebral Palsy is a second home. When he first started within United Cerebral Palsy's ADP, Clifton kept to himself and experienced frequent mood swings. However, walking through the Adult Day Program facility now, one would never guess that this would have been the case. Clifton will greet anyone with a huge smile, a hug and maybe even a kiss! 

When asked about the effect of this program on Clifton and his family, his mother states, "Clifton is very smart though he can't communicate well. One thing he does know is when someone cares for him and loves him. He picks up on these feelings and thrives on them. As far as what UCP has done for our family, UCP has given us a peace of mind knowing that we are leaving him in good hands, with people who genuinely love Clifton. We don't have to worry during the day if he's being taken care of, we know without a doubt [....] I can only speak for the Adult Day Program and when I do it comes from the heart. This is the best group of people and you couldn't ask for better."

Among a few of his favorite things, Clifton loves spending summer days with his family out on the boat or in the pool. So, it is no surprise that he loves Camp SMILE. This year will mark Clifton's 7th year at Camp. "Camp SMILE has been the most rewarding thing I think we've ever experienced. The first year was very hard on Clifton and myself because of the separation issue, but every year has gotten better. I can say that the directors/counselors have got to be angels sent from heaven. I have never seen such caring and understanding people. It's always the most heartfelt feeling to see how they interact with Clifton. When you walk up everyone yells out, 'Hey, Clifton!' If I'm not crying because of having to leave him (which no longer happens) then I'm shedding tears of joy! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a child with disabilities. It is an amazing experience," says Tammy.

It is hard to believe that this joyful man was once so reserved and closed off. The folks at United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile are forever grateful to know Clifton and to share in this small part of his story!